Oil Master Millers: Juan Miguel Vega

Juan Miguel Vega

Oil Master Miller at the associated cooperative Arbequisur in Aguadulce (Seville).

Juan Miguel Vega, Oil Master Miller  of the associated Cooperative Arbequisur in Aguadulce (Seville).

His professional career began at the turn of the century. Without previous experience, the first years were very stressful as he had to combine work and intense technical training at the hands of Oleoestepa.

During the campaign he focuses all his efforts on coordinating with the field technicians to make forecasts of the quantity and quality of olives that have to enter the mill for proper planning. Juan Miguel recognizes that “it is key to know the quality of the fruit in advance for proper classification”.

Outside the harvesting season, his work focuses on the maintenance and fine-tuning of the existing machinery in the mill. “Contrary to what it may seem, the activity is very intense during these months, which are essential to have a smooth campaign,” Juan Miguel points out.

Although the fact of having a healthy olive, together with its proper classification, is key to achieve a high quality extra virgin olive oil, this is in the hand of the farmer. In his hand is cleanliness is the determining factor. “Getting good oils is a job for everyone, so important is the work of the farmer in the cultivation and harvesting of healthy fruits at the right time, as those of the mill masters in achieving an optimal extraction of its juice” confesses the master of the associated cooperative.

He points out that his oil mill, Arbequisur, is special in that it is practically monovarietal. “The Arbequina variety is the protagonist in our mill, which means extra care because it is a more complicated olive, unstable and difficult to process”.

His most positive experiences are closely linked to the recognition received over the years in the form of national and international awards for the quality of the oils produced. Likewise, he recognizes that the visits of consumers to the mill are very comforting since “they allow us to tell and value our work in this sector”.

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