Research, development and innovation (R&D&I)

Oleoestepa is firmly committed to R&D&I as a key element of its strategy for achieving high levels of competitiveness in terms of sustainability, quality and cost.

The company is aware that the standards expected by the current market are increasingly demanding, hence its continuous efforts every day to ensure it can offer consumers oils of the highest quality, only achieved thanks to a policy of continuous improvement in all areas through innovation and technological development.

Oleoestepa is continuously carrying out a number of different research projects into different areas, focused on food quality and safety, process optimization, digitalisation, the valuation of by-products and environmental protection, development of innovative packaging, reduction of operating costs, etc., with the firm purpose of achieving continuous improvement throughout the production process.

The company works regularly with different specialised agencies, including academic and public research centres, private innovation entities and even other companies in the sector. The emphasis is on developing synergies to create knowledge and transfer technology, leading to a firm focus on the future and an innovative culture as intrinsic to the company’s identity.