The Oleoestepa cooperative society, a leading producer of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, has confirmed its participation in the first edition of Auténtica, which will take place on September 25th and 26th in Seville.

Auténtica Premium Food Fest is making a strong entrance and aiming to become a national and international reference as the most influential annual professional event for the premium and gourmet food and beverage industry.

More than 150 companies will showcase their products at the fair, including Oleoestepa, renowned for its excellence in extra virgin olive oil production. Oleoestepa will occupy a 40-square-meter booth, presenting its entire product portfolio.

The Sales and Marketing team of Oleoestepa will be available to visitors during the event to provide detailed information about the benefits of one of the best extra virgin olive oils available in the market, showcasing its various varieties and brands, including Oleoestepa, Egregio, Estepa Virgen, and Maestro Oleario.

Furthermore, in our continuous pursuit of innovation, on Tuesday, September 26th at 4:15 pm, Oleoestepa will join forces with Helados Estepa to offer a unique experience: an olive oil tasting combined with different types of ice cream. This initiative aims to delight the palate in an exceptional way by merging the tradition of olive oil with the freshness and creativity of ice cream. We are confident that this experience will be a true delight for food enthusiasts and culinary innovators alike.

Auténtica will take place at Fibes – Seville on September 25th and 26th, 2023, and it is expected to be an invaluable opportunity for visitors to firsthand experience the quality that Oleoestepa brings to the world of extra virgin olive oils.

The second-grade cooperative Oleoestepa has renewed its presence as an official supplier of the cooking programme Cómetelo on Canal Sur TV, directed and presented by the popular chef Enrique Sánchez.

This brings to twelve the number of years of collaboration with the leading television programme in Andalusia, as a defender and disseminator of the gastronomic culture of his land. Cómetelo, a programme for the whole family, promotes the knowledge, appreciation and consumption of 100% Andalusian natural and quality agri-food products.

The collaboration agreement as the programme’s official supplier reinforces Oleoestepa’s position as a benchmark brand for top-of-the-range extra virgin olive oil, for all households where people cook with passion and appreciate the quality of the ingredients. Oleoestepa extra virgin olive oils will have a prominent position during the programme, and their use in the preparation of the dishes that require it, as well as informative mentions about extra virgin olive oil and the differential values of the Oleoestepa cooperative.

This new season has just begun and ends in June 2024, which means that more than 200 programmes will be broadcast.

Olive (Olea) seed germination is a process in which the seed absorbs water and begins to develop a root and a leaf. This occurs when the seed is exposed to suitable environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity and light.


The best time to plant olive trees depends on the geographical area where the planting is to take place. In the north of Spain, for example, the best time to plant olive trees is between March and April. In the south, the best time to plant olive trees is between September and October. In areas with warmer climates, such as the Mediterranean, olive trees can be planted all year round.


The land for olive trees should be well located, at an altitude of no less than 500 metres, with good exposure to the sun and a good level of humidity. It should be free of weeds, with good drainage and good soil quality. The soil must be deep and sufficiently resistant to withstand cycles of drought and excess water. In addition, the soil should be protected from strong winds and have a good water supply for irrigation, either from an aquifer or from a water source such as a dam or river. Good soil preparation prior to planting is also very important. This includes removing weeds, thinning the soil to improve water absorption, and incorporating nutrients and compost into the soil.


The optimum temperature for planting olive trees is between 10°C and 25°C. These temperatures are adequate to keep the trees healthy and allow them to thrive. The ideal temperature for most varieties of olive trees is around 20°C. If temperatures extend for too long below 10°C, the trees will begin to suffer.


Seed drying: Seed drying is necessary to allow the germination process to take place. This is done by leaving the seed at room temperature for a few days to allow it to lose some of its water.
Seed hydration: Once dried, the seed must be hydrated to start the germination process. This can be done by soaking the seed in water for a few hours until it softens.
Sowing: Once the seed has been hydrated, it is ready for planting. This is done by placing the seed in a pot or planting box and covering it with soil or compost.
Temperature and light regulation: It is important to keep the temperature and light at a suitable level for the germination process to take place. The optimum temperature for olive tree germination is between 18-21°C. Light is also important for the seed to germinate, so it is advisable to keep the seed exposed to indirect light.
Watering: Watering is essential to ensure that the soil is moist so that the seed will germinate. Watering should be frequent, but not excessive, to avoid waterlogging.
Germination: Once all conditions are in place, the seed should germinate within a few days. When germinated, the seed will produce a small plant with green leaves. The germination process is complete and the plant is ready to be transplanted to its final location.


The flowering of the olive tree usually takes place during the months of April and May. This flowering is characterised by the appearance of numerous small, aromatic, white flowers, which are grouped in inflorescences. These flowers produce a sweet, aromatic nectar that attracts bees to carry out the pollination process. Once the flowering has passed, the fruits of the olive tree will begin to ripen, leading to the production of oil.

Imagen olivar en fase floración


Now, with the purchase of any box of extra virgin olive oil from Oleoestepa, Estepa Virgen, Egregio, or Maestro Oleario, you will receive a complimentary reusable shopping bag made of RPET.

Disposable plastic bags have become a serious problem for waste management worldwide. In Spain alone, each person uses an average of 144 plastic bags per year, generating an immense amount of waste that severely impacts the environment.

Recognizing the need to adopt more sustainable practices, we want to offer you a solution that helps reduce the amount of plastic waste. Our Oleoestepa RPET reusable shopping bag is made from recycled plastic, promoting material reuse and contributing to the care of the planet.

This bag is durable, breathable, easy to wash, and can be folded for convenient storage. With a material weight of 140g, it can carry up to 12-15 kg of weight and features both short and long handles, as well as a reinforced base for versatile grip.

In addition to being ideal for carrying your daily groceries, fruits, and vegetables, this bag is versatile and can be useful in various situations. Incorporate this bag into your everyday activities and help care for the environment in a practical way!

This promotion is available both at our associated cooperatives and on our online store. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this reusable shopping bag made from recycled plastic with the purchase of Oleoestepa, Estepa Virgen, Egregio, and Maestro Oleario extra virgin olive oil, except for 250 ml formats and gift boxes. The promotion is valid until stocks last (5,000 units).

Make your purchase of extra virgin olive oil and get your complimentary RPET bag. Together, we can make a difference and reduce our impact on the planet! For more information about our sustainable innovation, we invite you to visit our website. Thank you for joining us in this important commitment to the environment!

You can learn more about our sustainable innovation by clicking here.

The second-tier cooperative Oleoestepa, a leading producer of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, has opened the doors of its new olive oil cellar to more than 1,600 people, in the presence of Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, President of the Junta de Andalucía, among other authorities.

During this open day, the guests were able to walk around the almost eight thousand square metres that make up the new Oleoestepa facilities, which have involved an investment of 7.5 million euros, and have two rooms: a warehouse space that complements the current bottling plant, and the cellar, where the drums have been installed to store up to fifteen thousand tons of olive oil.

The President of the Andalusian Regional Government, Mr Juan Manuel Moreno, accompanied by the Andalusian Government Delegate in Seville, Mr Ricardo Sánchez, and the Secretary General for Agriculture, Livestock and Food, Ms Consolación Vera, among other authorities, attended the meeting, where they were given a detailed technical explanation by the President of Oleoestepa, Mr Jesús Juárez, and the Managing Director of the company, Mr Álvaro Olavarría.

Mr. Jorge Muriel Mayor of Herrera, Mr. Juan Manuel Moreno President of the Junta de Andalucía,
Mr. Jesús Juárez President of Oleoestepa and Mr. Álvaro Olavarría Managing Director of Oleoestepa.

At the end of the visit, the President of the Andalusian Regional Government addressed all those present, emphasising the pride of the Andalusian Government, thanks to the work of the cooperatives and members of Oleoestepa, in making extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality available to Spanish and world society.

Mr. Juan Manuel Moreno President of the Junta de Andalucía, in his speech to the 1,600 attendees.

The new winery is located in Herrera (Seville), a municipality very close to where Oleoestepa’s bottling plant and headquarters are located, in the neighbouring town of Estepa (Seville). With the expected increase in olive oil production from its 19 associated mills in the short and medium term, once the current drought cycle is overcome, and thanks to the actions of conversion and modernisation of the olive groves, Oleoestepa’s annual production potential is expected to be close to seventy thousand tonnes of olive oil, which is why the decision was taken to invest in an infrastructure of this magnitude. “This new business initiative will allow us to boost our bottling capacity and, in addition, to self-regulate high production campaigns”, the company’s managing director, Álvaro Olavarría, pointed out, noting that “this equipment is accompanied by highly trained human resources who are up to date with the latest technology in machinery and laboratories”. This new investment comes at a time when Oleoestepa is present on practically every continent. “Andalusia is the leader in olive oil production in the world, so talking about Andalusia opens many doors for our olive oils”, emphasised Álvaro Olavarría, who affirms that “today our international trade represents between 35 and 50%” of the company’s turnover.

The cooperative company Oleoestepa, in collaboration with the Seville Tissue and Cell Transfusion Centre of the Andalusian Regional Government’s Department of Health and Consumer Affairs, has once again donated single-dose bottles of EVOO to encourage participation in its traditional Blood Donation Marathon.

14 June is marked on the calendar in blood red for World Donor Day, and as has been customary in recent years, the Seville Tissue and Cell Transfusion Centre organised a full deployment of health personnel at the Cajasol Foundation for all those who came to donate.

Under the slogan “Nuestras venas tienen superpoderes. DONA SANGRE”, more than 300 people came to donate yesterday, representing nearly 200 litres of blood. Blood is the only “medicine” that cannot be manufactured and depends on people’s altruism. Oleoestepa wants to reward the solidarity of all donors, whose role is fundamental for society, by donating bottles of extra virgin olive oil.

This collaboration is part of Oleoestepa’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, marked by the promotion of healthy values and behaviours for a better enjoyment of life. The aim of this collaboration is to encourage people to participate in a generous, healthy and lively act.

Yesterday, the cooperative society Oleoestepa organised a technical training day for its technicians and oil mill masters, for which it had the invaluable collaboration of the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training (IFAPA) of the Andalusian Regional Government, specifically the IFAPA Venta del Llano centre.
This initiative arose from Oleoestepa’s commitment to the continuous training of its workers, which is an essential aspect for optimising processes and updating methodologies, enabling it to maintain the excellence of its production. The event, held on 8 June in Oleoestepa’s assembly hall, brought together more than 50 oil mill technicians from Oleoestepa’s 19 associated cooperatives.

Attendees and trainers at the technical conference “Specialised Training in the Preparation and Quality of Virgin Olive Oils”.

Under the title “Specialised Training in the Preparation and Quality of Virgin Olive Oils”, topics of vital importance were covered, such as the influence of beating time and temperature on oxidation volatiles; alternatives to beating the paste; and analysis using artificial vision of parameters related to the texture during the beating of the olive paste. All this with the aim of maintaining the highest qualification of Oleoestepa’s technical staff and keeping up to date with all the new technologies that are being implemented in the sector.

The cooperative society Oleoestepa, a leading producer of high quality extra virgin olive oil, has participated, once again, at the fair Organic Food Iberia, held in Madrid on 7 and 8 June, now in its fourth edition.

This fair, considered one of the most important in the world for professionals in the organic sector, has brought together in IFEMA the presence of more than 350 companies and visitors from five continents.

Oleoestepa has attended with its two brands of organic EVOO: Oleoestepa Ecological and Egregio. These oils, from organic crops, early harvesting and cold extraction, ensure organoleptic characteristics of the highest quality, also covered under the Designation of Origin Estepa, seal of excellence in each of its oils.

Currently, the organic basket in Spain has a positive trend year after year, being the seventh country with more organic area (2.64M ha) worldwide, and the second country in Europe, after France. Andalusia alone accounts for 49% of the certified organic area in Spain (1.37M ha); and focusing on our sector, organic olive groves account for 9% of the total national organic area, with an annual growth of 15% (Source: MAPA, 2022).

With these data, Oleoestepa also wants to take care of consumers who demand more and more organic products, and it is estimated that in the coming years will reach a total of 3,000 ha of organic area, in all of its 19 cooperatives, always under the commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation that characterizes it.

From left to right: Ms. Amanda Cantos, Marketing and Communication Director; Mr. Cristóbal Capitán, Commercial Director; Mr. Thami Benzina, Europe Export Area Manager.

The cooperative society Oleoestepa, a leading producer of high quality extra virgin olive oil, has donated to the Archdiocese of Seville a total of 10,000 single-dose bottles of its oil, for the breakfasts of the pilgrims.

Next August, the WYD 2023 (World Youth Day) will be held in Lisbon, where thousands of people will meet with His Holiness Pope Francis. From the Archdiocese of Seville, more than 2,500 young people from all over the province will attend this meeting, and through the Parish of Santa María and San Sebastián de Estepa, Oleoestepa has provided 10,000 single-dose bottles of oil to facilitate and promote healthy eating during these days.

De izquierda a derecha: D. Ginés González de la Bandera, Párroco de Estepa; D. Álvaro Olavarría, Director Gerente de Oleoestepa; y D. Manuel Jiménez, Delegado Diocesano Pastoral Juvenil.

From left to right: Mr. Ginés González de la Bandera, Parish Priest of Estepa; Mr. Álvaro Olavarría, Managing Director of Oleoestepa; and Mr. Manuel Jiménez, Diocesan Youth Pastoral Delegate.


This collaboration is part of Oleoestepa’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, marked by the promotion of values and healthy behaviors for a better enjoyment of life. In this case, for the young people of our land, and with a purpose such as WYD 2023, Mr. Álvaro Olavarría, Managing Director of Oleoestepa, presented the bottles to the Diocesan Delegate of Youth Ministry of Seville, Mr. Manuel Jiménez Povedano, in the presence of Mr. Ginés González de la Bandera, Parish Priest of Estepa.