Oleoestepa establishes contingency plan against the coronavirus to ensure the continuation of business

The second degree cooperative Oleoestepa SCA has established a contingency plan against COVID 19 to ensure the continuation of business with its customers. The main purpose of this contingency plan is to guarantee the safety and protection of all its employees, as well as the continuity of the development of their activities.

To guarantee the continuity and provision of services, Oleoestepa SCA is in permanent contact with its suppliers to coordinate the necessary measures to guarantee the continuation of business.

Information regarding the safety and prevention measures that our employees must take has been provided to all work centers and an internal action protocol against the virus has been created.

These guidelines may vary depending on what is recommended from the health authorities. Based on these, Oleoestepa SCA will adapt its protocols and inform clients of the changes.

To reduce the risks of contagion, all national and international travel of its staff has been limited except for those that are strictly necessary, after consultation with the person responsible for safety and health. Likewise, it temporarily postpones all meetings of its employees with external personnel within the work centers, leaving all scheduled appointments canceled until further notice. Attendance at events or congresses is also restricted, as well as attendance at public forums such as conferences, conventions or training courses.

Although the stores located in our central offices and in the associated cooperatives remain open, and will be attended, please limit your stay there for as long as is strictly necessary and scrupulously comply with the recommendations and obligations issued by the health authorities. Those persons who are affected by the coronavirus COVID-19, present symptoms (cough, fever or respiratory difficulties) of the coronavirus or have been in close contact with an affected person should refrain from entering our premises.