Importers from All Over the World Surrender to the Quality of Oleoestepa’s EVOO

On a notable day that highlights the influence of extra virgin olive oil in the global market, Oleoestepa reaffirmed itself as an international benchmark by hosting 15 renowned importers from various parts of the world.

This event, organized in collaboration with Andalucía Trade and ICEX, was a clear demonstration of the quality and passion that Oleoestepa dedicates to every drop of its extra virgin olive oil, which has now transcended all borders.

A Sensory Journey from the Olive Grove to the Table

The day began with a tour of the olive groves that form the heart of Oleoestepa, where visitors firsthand experienced the beauty of the landscape from which the extra virgin olive oil produced by our cooperative entities originates.

Subsequently, the doors to our facilities were opened to explain the meticulous production process governed by Oleoestepa and its associated entities, with Oleoestepa’s export managers leading the visit and sharing the secrets of crafting extraordinary extra virgin olive oil.

One of the highlights was the extra virgin olive oil tasting led by Moisés Caballero, Secretary of the Denomination of Origin Estepa. Moisés, with his profound knowledge and passion, guided the guests through the complex flavor profiles of our oils, emphasizing the balance and uniqueness of our extra virgin olive oil varieties.

Gastronomic Experience

The experience continued with a lunch in our auditorium, where dishes were served that demonstrated the versatility of our extra virgin olive oil and the nuances it brings to different dishes. The collaboration with El Mesías added a sweet ending to the event, with exceptional desserts that perfectly complemented the meal.

Oleoestepa: A Fabric of Tradition and Modernity

This meeting not only strengthened international commercial ties but also reaffirmed Oleoestepa’s commitment to excellence.

Representing more than 7,500 olive-growing families, Oleoestepa is much more than a market leader; it is a large family where each member helps keep alive the legacy of quality that distinguishes us. Every bottle of our extra virgin olive oil carries the flavor of our land and the history of thousands of hands working to bring this extra virgin olive oil to tables around the world.

As an international benchmark, we continue to pave new paths and bring the culture of extra virgin olive oil to every corner of the globe.