Oleoestepa and IFAPA join forces once again for a technical seminar for olive mill personnel

Yesterday, the cooperative society Oleoestepa organised a technical training day for its technicians and oil mill masters, for which it had the invaluable collaboration of the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training (IFAPA) of the Andalusian Regional Government, specifically the IFAPA Venta del Llano centre.
This initiative arose from Oleoestepa’s commitment to the continuous training of its workers, which is an essential aspect for optimising processes and updating methodologies, enabling it to maintain the excellence of its production. The event, held on 8 June in Oleoestepa’s assembly hall, brought together more than 50 oil mill technicians from Oleoestepa’s 19 associated cooperatives.

Attendees and trainers at the technical conference “Specialised Training in the Preparation and Quality of Virgin Olive Oils”.

Under the title “Specialised Training in the Preparation and Quality of Virgin Olive Oils”, topics of vital importance were covered, such as the influence of beating time and temperature on oxidation volatiles; alternatives to beating the paste; and analysis using artificial vision of parameters related to the texture during the beating of the olive paste. All this with the aim of maintaining the highest qualification of Oleoestepa’s technical staff and keeping up to date with all the new technologies that are being implemented in the sector.