The jury of the OLIVE JAPAN 2022 International Competition has once again recognized the high quality of the organic extra virgin olive oil marketed by Oleoestepa SCA under the premium brand EGREGIO with a gold medal. Olive Japan is the most important competition in the Eastern market, with more than 800 extra virgin olive oils from 27 countries participating in this tenth edition.

It is an extra virgin olive oil from organic farming, early harvest and cold extraction, produced by the associated cooperative of San José de Lora de Estepa.

With these awards are eight consecutive years in which extra virgin olive oils produced by Oleoestepa have been recognized for their high quality by the Japan Olive Oil Sommelier Association, responsible for organizing this international quality competition. It presents a complex and balanced profile, very fruity, with a variety of aromas reminiscent of green olives, with hints of ripe olives, fresh grass, green leaves, artichokes and branch-green wood. On the palate, the itching and bitterness stand out, harmonic and very balanced, complemented by a touch of sweetness.

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In order to respond to the demands of our national and international customers and partners, Oleoestepa has expanded the family of tins with a new format. It is a small version, 1 liter content, of the EVOO OLEOESTEPA SELECTION references, already available in the 2.5 and 5 liter tins. It is a format also adapted to the international market since its content is shown in two languages: Spanish and English.

OLEOESTEPA SELECTION extra virgin olive oil is a coupage (mixture) from the main varieties grown in the region of the Estepa Protected Designation of Origin, early harvested and cold extracted, standing out for its great versatility to drink raw and confectionary.

To celebrate its presentation, a special offer has been launched until May 30, 2022 through the online store, temporarily passing its PVP to €6.99, one euro less than its standard price. Promotion that is added to the free shipping costs when the purchase amount exceeds 50 euros in the Spanish peninsula area.

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