Oleoestepa present at the Blood Donation Marathon

The cooperative company Oleoestepa, in collaboration with the Seville Tissue and Cell Transfusion Centre of the Andalusian Regional Government’s Department of Health and Consumer Affairs, has once again donated single-dose bottles of EVOO to encourage participation in its traditional Blood Donation Marathon.

14 June is marked on the calendar in blood red for World Donor Day, and as has been customary in recent years, the Seville Tissue and Cell Transfusion Centre organised a full deployment of health personnel at the Cajasol Foundation for all those who came to donate.

Under the slogan “Nuestras venas tienen superpoderes. DONA SANGRE”, more than 300 people came to donate yesterday, representing nearly 200 litres of blood. Blood is the only “medicine” that cannot be manufactured and depends on people’s altruism. Oleoestepa wants to reward the solidarity of all donors, whose role is fundamental for society, by donating bottles of extra virgin olive oil.

This collaboration is part of Oleoestepa’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, marked by the promotion of healthy values and behaviours for a better enjoyment of life. The aim of this collaboration is to encourage people to participate in a generous, healthy and lively act.