Oleoestepa launches a limited edition of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil to celebrate the beginning of the new campaign

All the efforts and care dedicated to the forest of more than 7 million olive trees come to an end, as the second-grade cooperative Oleoestepa SCA begins the period of early harvesting of olives for subsequent cold extraction in the associated olive oil mills.

Just like last campaign, Oleoestepa celebrates the start of the season by launching a limited edition, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, mostly of the hojiblanca variety grown in the Estepa Denomination of Origin region, with a fruity aroma of green olives with light touches of ripe olives, with hints of leaf and grass, highlighting the intensity of its fruitiness, as well as its balanced bitterness and spiciness.

Oleoestepa unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is characterised by the rustic appearance lent by pieces of olive pulp, which give it a more natural appearance, recommending its consumption raw with a slice of bread or in salads.

This limited edition is available in a 1 litre glass bottle and in a 5 litres bottle. Its high quality is guaranteed by the Estepa Designation of Origin, which gives it a high vitamin E content. Its environmental sustainability is certified with the Integrated Production seal.

They have a best-before date and can be purchased at associated oil mills, authorised establishments and through the online shop by clicking here.