BIOFACH 2017 recognizes the quality of Oleoestepa’s organic extra-virgin olive oils

The award for the best organically produced extra-virgin olive oil was declared during the celebration of BIOFACH 2017. Held annually in Nuremberg, Germany, this event is the most important organic products fair in the world.

This year, two oils that Oleoestepa markets under the brands Oleoestepa Organic and EGREGIO were awarded.

Presented by Oleoestepa at Biofach 2017 as their main novelty, Oleoestepa Organic reached a milestone by being recognized in this award as a first-time entry. Oleoestepa seeks to offer this organic extra-virgin oil in response to a growing number of consumers demanding organically produced extra-virgin olive oil and to a significant increase in organic production. This oil is available in 500 ml glass bottles and 2500 ml tin oil cans.

In the case of EGREGIO, its high quality was recognized for the third year in a row and was even named the best organic EVOO at the 2015 event. It also garnered recognition in previous campaigns from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment of Spain and in the award ceremonies in New York, Los Angeles and Japan. It is a complex gourmet organic extra-virgin olive oil with a balanced sensory profile: very fruity, with a diversity of aromas reminiscent of green olives, touches of ripe olives, fresh grass, green leaves, artichokes and green wood. In the mouth, its harmonic and well-balanced spice and bitterness is complemented with a touch of sweetness.

In both cases, these are cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oils. Their organic character is guaranteed by the European Union seal of Organic Production (CAAE) as well as the USDA organic certification for American markets. It also has the high quality guarantee of the Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.) for the Estepa region in Spain.